Brodrick Clarke is an agent for social change with 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector. Clarke is committed to improving public education nationally by actively working with educators, parents and students, providing them with the tools, skills and competencies to survive, grow and thrive. He has extensive experience working with the K-12 student population primarily in an out-of-school time setting. Clarke has recruited and trained hundreds of youth workers and volunteers. He has personally trained hundreds of DC teachers in the art of teaching and reaching youth. Clarke has a relentless focus on Advancing Youth Development and fostering the 40 Developmental Assets in youth. These two frameworks used in tandem empower him to meet the needs of students regardless of their perceived limitations.

Clarke’s facilitation style is unconventional. He incorporates research and best practice with interactive simulations to engage his audience in dynamic learning experiences. Clarke served an 18-month tour of duty with the Muhammad Ali Center directing their domestic and international youth development initiatives and currently serves as the principal trainer with his consulting firm. Clarke holds a Bachelors of Science degree in human services and management from the University of Phoenix.

Partner Reflections

Eric Ringwood, Development, Washington, DC

“I highly recommend Brodrick Clarke as Training Specialist at Brodrick Clarke Consulting, LLC. I've known Mr. Clarke for close to 5 years and he is approachable, humble, extremely talented and has a professional common sense and acumen beyond reproach. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Clarke at the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Fund, an organization who has as its mission enhancing out-of-school time. Mr. Clarke worked with school-age children, youth and community organizations in Washington, DC impacted the quality of the programming, increased the social and educational skills of children in the many local programs, and elevated the level of conversation around what is the best interest of our children. He has a national and global understanding of our children. That is, he has worked with children in Africa and America. Brodrick's work with the Muhammad Ali Center took him near and far. He's traveled to Africa and the United Kingdom teaching, educating and encouraging youth, youth program coordinators and many high-level educators and executives. He has maintained these ties. Moreover his work teaching Mr. Ali's core values had a direct effect on not only national leaders, but to Muhammad Ali and Lonnie Ali, due to the manner in which Mr. Clarke delivers the message and build a special connection to his audience. He is not only a powerful speaker, orator, motivator, but he is equally a dynamic person, conveying his message across the country from New Orleans to our nation's capital, from Los Angeles to Louisville. I am honored and priveleged to call Brodrick Clarke my friend and trusted colleague.” December 15, 2011

Chris Locke, Metro United Way, Louisville, KY

 “Brodrick is a skilled trainer who communicates in an effective manner. He has a knack for connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and working with diverse populations. Brodrick has a knack for communicating his message in ways that are relateable and that enhances his ability to connect to his audience/program participants/ colleagues. He is at ease in front of people and is able to process information quickly, pick-up on audience ques, and to make any necessary adjustments on the spot so the listener is able to take away a lesson, key point, or insight that can prove useful. I am certain that if you meet with Brodrick in person he is able to develop a training plan/program/curriculum/module to meet your needs and that will get you results.” January 16, 2012