Brodrick Clarke Consulting exists to meet the training and professional development needs of quality conscious youth development professionals. We provide training and technical assistance to youth serving organizations committed to improving the quality of out-of-school time options for youth. Training and technical assistance packages are fully tailored to meet individual or agency-wide needs. We support your programs growth and development through a variety of means including assessments, goal setting, training, coaching and team-building. Our philosophy and methods are rooted in the science of youth development and enhanced by research and evidence-based practices including the Search Institutes 40 Developmental Assets framework. By building upon your organizations assets and experience, we increase your programs capacity to translate staff efforts into tangible outcomes for youth.

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Who is a Youth Worker?

Youth Worker:  n.  An individual who works with or on behalf of children and/or youth to facilitate their personal, social, and educational development and enable them to gain a voice, influence, and place in society as they make the transition from dependence to independence.  (Definition from the National Collaboration for Youth.)


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